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Every day in the UK, more than 3,336,000,000 individual Google searches are conducted. They are constructed from desktop computers, from tablets, increasingly from mobile devices now via search via handy gadgets like Amazon Echo and Google Home are helping people find what they are looking for as well.

Want another pretty eye-opening statistic? More than 46% of those searches are local. People searching for local businesses and amenities, often just minutes before they head out, or even when they are already out and about. For any local business, that means that getting found easily online by these people is a must.

Nottingham has a population of around 311,000 people and is one of the UK’s youngest cities, with over half of the population under the age of 30. This calls for SEO tactics that will reach these consumers effectively, and with a younger crowd that means targeting the keywords, platforms and social media outlets they use, which are often very different from older generations.

Although marketing in the age of the Internet has become increasingly complicated, one of the best ways that any Nottingham business, no matter what size or what they do, can stand out and get found online is via a concentrated local SEO campaign.

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Understanding Local Nottingham SEO

Do you remember the days before mobile phones? When you actually had to know how to use an A-Z AND a Yellow Pages to find what you were looking for locally? No one needs to do that any more of course, they just Google it, whether they are at home on their computer or out with their mobile phone.

People aren’t just looking for directions anymore, either. They are looking for the nearest place to grab a coffee, or lunch.  Or a Nottingham business nearby where they can get something printed, grab a new shirt before going out and maybe get a haircut as well.

Local SEO services helps propel Nottingham businesses of all sizes and from all niches to the top of all the right searches that will be displayed to local people when they are searching for what these companies do.

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What Pearl Lemon Has to Offer

One of those Google searched we keep mentioning, a search for SEO providers, will bring you up lots of options. Lots of the companies listed in these searches will make a lot of promises and offer some pretty slick sales pitches. But if local SEO for Nottingham is important to you, we believe that Pearl Lemon is the right Nottingham SEO agency choice for you. Here are just a few reasons why.

We Specialize in Local SEO

The whole point of local SEO is to help your Nottingham business stand out and rank higher in search results than your local competitors. That calls for a completely different set of tactics than standard SEO. We have made it our business to know, and be able to successfully implement, those tactics even when search engines 'change the rules' frequently (which they do)

We Listen

To some SEO companies, your business' local SEO will be just another thing to add to their to-do list. They implement a standard set of procedures, regardless of what a business actually does or what its brand is trying to convey. And if it works? Great. If not, well there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

At Pearl Lemon, every one of our clients is treated in the way they deserve; unique individuals running unique companies with unique selling points that deserve personalised and attentive service to help them achieve their business growth goals and much more.

We're Local

To really help a Nottingham business reach the local audience it needs to it helps if you know where Nottingham is. And not just on a map. It helps if you've been there, and you understand what kinds of people live and work there. Which we do. As a real Nottingham SEO agency!

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Nottingham SEO Services FAQs

Pearl Lemon is an SEO company in Nottingham. Pearl Lemon specialises in “local SEO Nottingham” to help companies increase their appearance in local search results.

An SEO agency in Nottingham can be worth between £1200 – £9000 per month. It depends on the SEO services in Nottingham but an SEO consultant in Nottingham charges by the hour instead.

SEO in Nottingham is worth it because local SEO is different than typical SEO. Local SEO Services in Nottingham focus on boosting your rankings in local search results. If you are appearing high in broad results – what are the chances someone is in Nottingham that can visit your business?

Pearl Lemon is the SEO expert Nottingham businesses can trust.

Nottingham SEO services are effective because you want to make sure that your visitors to your site are people who can benefit. Depending on your company you might only get sales from people who are local. So it is important to let people know that you are in Nottingham.

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