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You’ve spent an absurd amount of hours creating the foundation of your Chelsea business. You’ve finally got your headline product, you’ve got an amazing team (just like the Chelsea Football Club), you developed a comprehensive and realistic road map for your business to follow and eventually diversify, yet your sales and profit are stagnant. Why?

The answer is simple – bad SEO

It’s not that people don’t like your product. It’s that they don’t know about it.

Think about it. How would you find out more about something you’re unsure about? You Google it.

This is exactly why you need expert Chelsea SEO services. 

Look at the statistics; over 3,000,000 searches are made PER DAY in the UK alone. This could be your golden goose. Imagine if you caught the attention of even 1% of these, the results would be transformative.

Search Engine Optimization is an umbrella term though, so you need to start somewhere and work your way up to the bigger picture to get somewhere substantial. This is where local SEO comes into the picture.

You can’t expect to stand toe to toe with the millions of companies in the world when you haven’t even conquered the competition in Chelsea, and that’s why we’re here.

Pearl Lemon does all the complicated stuff behind-the-scenes for you and let you enjoy the benefits.


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How Do We Build Local SEO?

Well, the first step and most crucial step in how Pearl Lemon builds good SEO for our clients is by understanding the ins and outs of search engines, how they work but also how the people using them work.

It is universally agreed upon that the websites on the 1st page of Google are more trustworthy than those on the 5th, but people rarely stop to think why.

What this shows is that people trust Google’s results ranking, but how does Google actually determine order?

The reasoning is that the internet is more saturated than ever. It doesn’t matter what you search, you are guaranteed to get over a million results.

Look, type in something as obscure as ‘Super Mario Makeup’’ or something as popular as “Boutiques in Chelsea” and you’ll still see over 6 million results spread over a countless number of pages.

It makes sense when you think about it. In a world where people are busier than ever, and there are too many options, people won’t want to sift through a ton of results that may or may not be relevant to your input.

So now we know why people gravitate towards top results; the next question is how Google determines what goes to the top and the bottom.

There are many jargony factors that we can break down and explain when you contact us, but one of the most straightforward and important ones is Location.

Local SEO involves analysing local trends, finding out how and what people in a particular area tend to search and adapting your content to target this.

In terms of Chelsea, it is a fairly affluent area located in central London, and it’s quite famous for its football club. Alongside this, it is linked quite heavily with Kensington and is home to several culturally significant shops, cafes, restaurants etc., most of which are located on or around ‘The King’s Road.’

For those living in Chelsea, this is just common knowledge and their lifestyle, but for a diligent SEO company like us, this is a wealth of information that we can use to target these residents.

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As I said, this is generally done by modifying your pre-existing content or just creating new content with this specific goal in mind.

The goal In question is to interweave Chelsea, and its culture with your companies’ brand, thus creating local SEO, which will naturally drive up natural traffic to your website.

This increased traffic →  higher number of people who buy your product after visiting your website → increasing your conversion rate → more long term customers → Higher brand loyalty increased profit. 

Or in summary, cha-ching – more money for you and your brand.

Why Us?

You may be wondering why you can’t just learn it yourself rather than outsourcing it to a company like ours.

Firstly, because of time. There is no doubt in my mind that you could learn the basics of SEO ad implement it into your business, but why would you?

This is time you could be investing elsewhere in your business or even in your personal life (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

Either way, excellent SEO requires a lot of knowledge beforehand, and the opportunity cost of doing this may be too high.

This is without even mentioning the ongoing effort and time needed to maintain a good SEO – you can’t be complacent as this is how you let other companies pass you and slowly become complacent.

Furthermore, the basics of SEO can be quickly learned, but to achieve an exceptional level, you need experience, and Pearl Lemon has that in abundance.

Trial and error is a big part of the learning curve. A lot makes a ton of sense on paper but doesn’t work out for one reason or another in practice.

You need to fail a few times to become better, and trust me – we failed a lot at the start, but as time went on, we learnt from our mistakes, got better, and now we have succeeded many more times.

We also don’t supply you with vague claims and then give you radio silence for a month. 

Communication is something Pearl Lemon holds in high importance, and this is why we keep you updated constantly and can inform you at every step of the way, so you know exactly how your website is being elevated.

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